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Leading the push into downtown, Euro expands Milwaukee's nightlife offerings. Full review with photos.
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Milwaukee Dance Clubs and Lounges

Top to bottom and Inside Out - Milwaukee's Largest Club Guide

While there are many interesting, fun, and worthwhile hotspots in Milwaukee, we have chosen to limit the focus of our directory to Milwaukee dance clubs and upscale lounges. Places with great drinks, an atmosphere, and solid beats coming out of the speakers. If it's hip and full of personality, chances are you'll find it listed here.

For discussion and reader comments on other Milwaukee nightlife hotspots and venues, please visit our forum. We welcome your feedback and input.

If you'd like to see a club listed here, or think we should add/ revise something in a current club listing, please feel free to contact us. If we agree, we'll hook you up with a CD of all the latest club tracks.

The Guide

Euro Posh, High Powered Vibes
Texture Bright, Warm, Fresh
Fusion Frenzy
Kenadee's Milwaukee Street's Chic Lodge
Three Powerful, great dancing
HiHat Lounge / Garage
Posh & Sexy v. The Vibe
The Social Fifth Ward House Hotspot
Chic, sexy, hot
Warm Space, Unique Flavors
Terrace Bar The urban anti-pub
Trendy, fun...orange
Mantra Lounge
East meets West
Intimate lounge with a beat
Small Plate Vibe on Water Street
Casual, Progressive, Fun
Have A Nice Day Cafe
Retro with an urban flair
Lex Ladybug's Downtown Neighbor
Cush Varied music, great crowd
Redroom The thoughtful party spot