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Address: 1806 E North Avenue
Phone: 271.2874
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The Scene: Milwaukee's venerable, no cover charge lounge superhero. Nestled in a young and urban stretch of the city, Cush's stylish design features, innovative and diverse music selections, and upscale but relaxed atmosphere make it a capable and well respected destination.

The Drinks: Luckily for us, Cush is one of the few establishments in the city that regularly stocks OP. Luckily for those of you who are not fanatically devoted in an obsessive compulsive way to citrus kissed Swedish aquavits, they also stock a competant offering of popular, and not so popular, items to choose from. The two things that truly stand out with regards to drinks at Cush are the size:price ratio and the exceptional service. While drinks can be ordered in the "short" incarnation, the price difference for the step up to "tall" will cost you less here than at other places in the city. For rail mixers, talls can sometimes run very close in price to the standard short at other clubs. Clearly, if you have a Grey Goose palate you'll pay more, but overall, prices are very reasonable. Our second "mentionable" must definately give a nod to the fast, efficient, skilled, and uber friendly bar staff. The staff is genuinely congenial, and will spend time talking to you if the rails aren't packed with thirsty customers. It will only take a visit or two to be remembered, and the bar staff is always armed with a friendly greeting.

The Music: The music offerings feature a wide variety of styles and tempos, served up by a mix of resident DJs, regular acts, and guests. DJ Brian Bzar, one of Cush's primary residents, provides a good mix of dancey grooves, ranging from standard remixed hip hop, to sounds that are more progressive and edge towards the house arena. On Sundays you can catch the Evan Christian Quartet performing live from 8-11pm, followed by DJ YT, another resident who's flavor is more "in your face" than Bzar. All in all, the music lineup is well integrated into the overall feel of Cush, and will provide you with plenty of motivation to show everyone just how well you can feel the vibe. Varied flavors and interpretations keep the scene from getting repetative, and offers a good incentive to sample the full range of both weekday and weekend happenings at Cush. You're sure to find a night that suits you perfectly, and we virtually guarantee that you'll be able to get into the beat on any day of the week.

The people: A great mix of singles, couples, groups, larger groups, partiers, and um..."laid backers." You'll be able to make friends easily at Cush, and the approachability of the crowd - even the larger groups - is definately one of the things we dig about the place. Expect that you'll see a wide representation of age ranges and walks of life. The 30 something professional can easily share bar top space with the college student or mid-20s up and coming. It's been our experience that the vast majority of the people spending time at Cush are out to have a good time and enjoy themselves, with very little time or effort spent on having an attitude. Of course you'll occassionaly meet up with attitude from both sexes no matter what the venue, but the "what the hell" factor is very low at Cush, and it's rewardingly easy to strike up a great conversation with the person next to you, or across the room. We tend to be of the wandering type when we go out, and can appreciate that the Cush crowd can also be of the "walk around" variety. All told, whether you come alone or with friends, you'll have no trouble finding people to talk and laugh with at Cush.

The atmosphere: The interior space is middle of the range in terms of size. About 4x bigger than the main floor at FlyBar, and about 1/4 as big as Rain. Probably the best size comparison is the main dance area at Eve. And it's used well. Despite the lack of of overt partitioning, the space feels as though it encompasses several smaller mini-areas. There's the hang out and chat space immediately in front of you as you walk in, and the circular (or rather, ovoid) bar wraps around to envelope the area placed near the DJ booth and speakers, where the volume and energy level tend to be bumped up a notch. On warmer evenings you can sit on the upper riser near the trademark opening garage door style wall in front and watch the traffic and crowd pass on North avenue. For a respite from the tunes or to catch your breath with a new friend, the outdoor patio area is a popular place to kick back and enjoy your drinks with a more personal feel. Whether you're up for jamming to the beat, hanging out in style, or just unwinding and watching the world go by, you'll find a nook suited to your mood, and new friends to share it with.

What to wear: Dress in a style that makes you feel comfortable and stylish. If jeans are your thing, fine. If you feel the need to put on a jacket and tie, that'd be ok too. Expect to see a wide variety of styles. Patrons tend to be both of the "this is where we're going tonight" and the "we're going to Mantra in an hour" type, so the styles and and fashions will be well mixed. Don't look like you just rolled out of bed, and try to keep the pants less than 2 sizes too big.

When to go: Does Cush ever close? You'll catch a different feeling depending on when you go, so it's worth it to stop back a few nights and decide which one offers the scene you enjoy. Weekends are obviously hopping, and the Sunday night S.I.N is probably the hottest thing going in Milwaukee on Sunday nights, with a great mix of live and DJ supplied music, a large and happy crowd, and tempting drink specials. Stop by, check it out, there's a night tailor made for you.



Reader Comments

Posted by: ??
On Mon Aug:22:2005:

Sorry that you felt slighted. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not snobby. Just so you know, I no longer own the Jungle (been about a year) it is definitely NOT my scene. There is only ONE YOU know which one??? Hope you come back. Come up and say \"hi\"....I try to remember as many people as I can.

Posted by: PMK
On Tue Aug:16:2005:
Cush could be cool, if it wasn\'t for the pretentious vibe given off. One night the owners\' remember you and say Hi, the next they don\'t. I used to go there much more frequenly, but once the snobbiness began, no more. The chicks in there are normally decent to look at, but intelligence hits a plateau. The owners should stay at Da Jungle-more their scene.
Posted by: Chris Rekenthaler
On Wed Jun:29:2005:
I love the owners of Cush. They are quite the chocolate delight. Mmm..mmm. Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar! See you around. Chris (\'\'\'){\';\'}(\'\'\'\')

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