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Address: 718 N Milwaukee Street
Phone: 347.5555
Official Website: Visit
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The Scene: Ethereal, enchanting and a total departure from the ordinary. Eve houses both a restaurant downstairs, and a fully stocked and pumping club on the upper level.

The Drinks: The restaurant has a well stocked bar and features more than 25 martini varities, among them traditional favorites such as the cosmo and metro along with more unique and adventurous takes like the Vanity and the Passion (recommended)

The Music: The music is a well meshed blend usually spun by a house DJ. The beat is easy to groove to, but you won't find any Trance or Hard varieties of techno. In fact, you won't find much techno at all. The official stance is that Eve is a techno free zone, spinning a self described mix of "modern" tunes. Still, you'll definately find harder beats and some suspiciously euro sounding tunes mixed into the bunch.

The people: Catering to well heeled twenty and thirtysomethings, the crowd is usually well mixed and tends towards the refined side. Our experience has been that this is a venue better suited to bringing friends than making them. While definately not unfriendly by any stretch of the term, patrons seem to mostly be present in groups, some of which tend toward the 5+ variety. Still, they're mostly all beautiful, so hang out, have a martini, and mingle.

The atmosphere: This is Milwaukee? Could have fooled us. The modern art and sleek lines downstairs, combined with a waterfall, great lighting, and minimalist pallet lend a feeling definately evoking the haunts of much larger metros. Upstairs, the subtle touches of elegance (crown moldings, lighting details) continue the big city feel while conveying a subtle sense of urgency and desire well suited to keeping the beat going all night long.

What to wear: Pull out all the stops. For girls, D&G and A|X are the order of the evening. Show it off, tastefully, because everyone is watching. Guys, shine your shoes, get those black pants pressed, and put on the new belt. Think sleek, like Kenneth Cole - slim, not baggy, and definately no wrinkles.

When to go: For dinner, pick a night, any night. The food is great, and the martinis out of this world (especially since they just keep getting better with each one). Friday nights are hopping between 11:30 and 1, but we prefer to end someplace else (Flybar anyone?). Saturdays are a bit different, and we actually prefer showing up late and staying till close


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