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Covering a wide range of fashion topics, our streaming fashion section keeps you on the bleeding edge of style without sacrificing comfort.
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Milwaukee is home to many hip boutiques and fashionista lairs. Spend those hard earned dollars in your local community by dropping by one of these outfitters.
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Dress Up, Dress Down.

Fashion is an ever changing beast. Fickle at best, downright scary at worst. As the trends and concepts of the big city find their way to Milwaukee, our goal with the fashion section is simply to briefly highlight the various trends and styles gracing the scene in Milwaukee, along with providing simple, easy to follow tips for sprucing up any wardrobe for that big night out.. Looking great doesn't have to cost a fortune if you do it right!


Men's Fashion

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New York Fashion Week
I am currently in New York for Fall 2006 Fashion Week. Just in case you don't know, this is a week long event when designers preview their collections for store buyers, magazine editors, journalists and the like. It is an...

Wardrobe Tip: Before You Buy Another Pair Distressed Jeans . . .
The faux distressing in high-end jeans that we have seen for many seasons now is becoming somewhat of a pass look. Designers this season are toning down the distressing and opting for darker denim. Another current feature is a more...

More Top Selling Mens Fragrances
What are the hottest men's fragrances on the market? Need a little help choosing one for yourself or as a gift? Here I have highlighted more top selling men's fragrances which is in addition to my first list of Top...

Super Bowl Rings
It's the ultimate ring for a pro football player--the Super Bowl Championship Ring. Not many people ever own one of these collectible rings, which have become way more ornate since the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl I in 1967....

Simple Yet Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy
Valentine's Day is one of those holidays when you can really focus on that special someone. It's a great opportunity to let them know how much you appreciate them. So if your guy appreciates nicer things, then take a look...

Treat Your Guy to Luxe Loungewear and Underwear for Valentine's Day
Finding a nice Valentine's Day gift for your guy doesn't have to be difficult. Whatever you do though, stay away from cheesy seasonal gifts like boxers with hearts on them, etc. Instead, treat your guy to some luxe loungewear and...

Male Celebrity Fashion Fumbles at the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards
There are always fashion hits and misses at awards shows. The women, as we know, get raked over the coals and the men get a few mentions here and there. Its understandable since mens outfits are usually the same from...

The Best Dressed Male Celebrities at the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards
This year's Golden Globe Awards were a great for fashion - well at least for the guys. I thought most of the male celebs looked great. It was nice to see classic tuxedos with touches of personal style made...

Tips on How to Achieve a Hollywood Hairstyle
Starting with a good haircut is essential. Only then, with the right kind of products, can you achieve these sexy Hollywood hairstyles. I suggest taking a photo of a hairstyle, such as one of these, to your hair stylist so...

Choosing the Right Suit Fabric for Men's Suits
Can't figure out what type of fabrics you should look for in a suit? Let's review what you are likely to come across when hitting the shops....

Top Selling Self Tanners
Sunless tanning products are simply the safest way to achieve a tan and are definitely the best alternative for those who burn easily. Although, I don't think we really need to worry about burning in January which is exactly why...

5 Rules to Live by When Wearing Black Clothes
If you like to wear black as much as I do, listen up. I have become quite aware of the way different fabrics hold black dye and with this in mind, I live by these five rules when wearing black....

Is Your Hairstyle In or Out?
Do you want to know if your hairstyle is in or out? I discussed a variety of topics with a top stylist at the fashionable and poplular Cutler Salon in New York City, and he gave his thoughts on...

8 Reasons to Get Your Haircut at a Salon vs. a Barbershop
If you have ever wondered why you would want to choose a salon over a barbershop, then look no further. The following 8 reasons why you might want to spend the extra money and go to a salon vs. a...

8 Men's Fashion Mistakes to Avoid
I realize we all make fashion errors now and again, but some fashion mistakes made by men are just unforgivable. Make it a New Year's resolution to avoid these eight fashion mistakes....



Milwaukee Boutiques

Milwaukee is home to an ever growing cadre of hip boutiques and swank little shops catering to the fashion minded in the city. From punk to urban contemporary, there's a local shop designed with your needs in mind. Next time you're searching for a few new items, consider keeping your business local by visiting one of Milwaukee's very own fashion hotspots.

Know of a hot location that we should include? Just click on "submit" at the end of this list.

2219 N. Farwell Ave
Phone: 220-9910
women's and men's apparel
fashion for the body and soul

321 N. Broadway
Phone: 727-4855
A hip boutique offering fashion-forward apparel, accessories and gifts.

Three Graces
1330 East Brady

Miss Groove
1225 East Brady Street
Phone: 298-9185

Dragonfly Vintage Goods, Gifts and Greenery
1117 East Brady Street
Phone: 271-1244

1300 East Brady
Phone: 273-5156

415 E Menomonee Street
Phone: 727-6552