Have a Nice Day Cafe
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Address: 1101 Old World Third Street
Phone: 270.9650
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The Scene:
Feel like getting your groove thing going without a lot of fuss and muss? Have a Nice Day Cafe is perfect. With a funky pseudo-70's decor, plenty of beats, and zero attitude, it's a great place to get down and shake it. Groovy baby...yeah.

The Drinks:
Have you ever consumed a fruity medly of mysterious origins from a big goldfish bowl? No? Then you haven't really lived. At Have a Nice Day, these mystic bowls of alcohol infused deliciousness are pretty much a trade mark, and you need to grab 3 of your friends (or 1 if you're feeling adventurous), walk up to the bar and demand one. Immediately. If gallons of alcohol infused sweetness (kind of Hawaiian-punch-esque) aren't your thing, there's a decent but not staggering selection of mixers and standards to choose from. No problem on the Grey Goose, but you won't find any shelf space devoted to that elusive aquavit, OP. If you're in the mood for a chai martini or remy, go to Eve. But, if you just want something tasty to sip on while you shake it on the floor, mosey on up to one of the two bars, and Have a Nice Day will serve you well. The prices are a little more than average, the pours a little less, but overall the drinks at Have a Nice Day are in line with what you'd run into at other clubs in the city. Well, except for the Happy Bowls. Did we mention those? Oh, and we have a habit of buying entire trays of shots from one of the roving servers, so if you catch it on the right night you might end up drinking on us.

The Music:
While there's no electronica of any type on the standard DJ menu for the evening, you'll definately find all of your "dance favorites" queued up and ready to go. Mainstream (aka Top40) dance numbers mixed with some retro funk and only the best of the guilty 80's give the music haps at Have a Nice Day a definate, unique, and distinctive flavor. Essentially, picture you and your friends at a club--you know those songs where *everyone* says "Awwwwww yeah!" and then rushes to the dance floor? Well, that's what they play here. So of course, the dance floor is usually packed with revelers doing their thing. In general, the music swaps the sophistication of some other venues in the city for the worthy substitue of pure feel good excitement. It'll probably take all of 5 seconds after walking in until you're singing along, and we dare you not to dance.

The people:

And Fun.

Oh, and fun. They come to dance, hang out with their friends, and just have a good time. If you feel like discussing the collected works of Sartre over a $10 cocktail, don't come here. K.I.S.S is definately the called for attitude (if you don't know, we're not going to tell you). Crowds are usually large and almost uniformly good spirited and outgoing. You'll have no problem making new friends, especially with a few well purchased rounds. The "I'm here with my friends" motif is in full effect at Have a Nice Day, but luckily the friends are all up for some dancing and would appreciate meeting your friends as well. So grab a willing accomplice, pick up a happy bowl, and just walk around. Chances are that people will start talking to you of their own volition and you're on your way to a bunch of new friends. Especially if you happen to have a few extra straws for that happy bowl.

The atmosphere:
Gritty, in your face rhythm with non-stop, no holds barred dancing. How can you have a bad time at a place where there's huge yellow happy faces plastered all over? Answer: you can't. It's a let loose kind of place where the words "pretention" and "attitude" don't really have any bearing on the festivities. Think of it like anonymous, dayglo, beat thumping therapy. In other words, leave your hang ups at the door, because you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who'll take a break from the dance floor for long enough to care.

What to wear:
If you don't look like a thug, you're golden. That's the only advice we have. Of course, you shouldn't wear a three piece suit or a prom dress either, but the "no thug" approach is all you need to make it in the door.

When to go:
Weekends or an advertised special event. End of story.


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