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Music Text Archive

Milwaukee's Largest Free Dance Music Collection - The Update Archive

WThis is the official clubmilwaukee.com text repository for previously featured mixes and music features. Covering a wide variety of musical genres, it contains a wealth of tunes, external links, and good old-fashioned information (gasp).

Newer items are added at the bottom.

The Archive
  • Added a few mixes by various local DJs to the "Downloadable DJ Sets" section. The new mixes are by D'Angelo, Why B, and Mr. Timms. All of these DJs are residents at the website Phunkshinz.com, and you can see them featured at various clubs and venues around town, and around the state. Their musical styles vary, and we've added some House, HipHop, and Downtempo selections.You can check the Phunkshinz homepage here Or, scroll down to "Downloadable DJ Sets" to hear some selections.
  • The folks over @ WMSE (91.7FM) run a great hiphop show called The Late Night Hype Show on Tuesdays from 9pm-midnight. Learn more about the show by visitng their homepage here A complete show archive, presented in both streaming format and as downloadable files is here.
  • Added a mix by Kid Cut Up, a great local hip hop DJ who hosts Friday nights at bSide. You can download the mix by scrolling down to the "Downloadable DJ Sets" section.
    - You can check out Kid Cut Up's very own page here
    - You can view our info on bSide in our Club Directory
  • Added a great combo mix (Minus After Promo Mix) from WhyB and Kid Cut Up to the Downloadable DJ Sets. WhyB and Kid Cut Up are both locally based DJs who have been known to operate from phunkshinz.com. We've featured them before, and they're worth listening to again. If you're a fan of progressive hip hop done the right way, these guys are for you. WhyB has done some work for the crew over @ selectivehearing.biz. For some hard grooves check out the album Examine My Face.

  • Added two mixes by local DJ David Dominguez. You can hear David spin at various clubs around the city including Three, where he is a featured performer. The mixes, which you can download by scrolling down to the "Downloadable DJ Sets" section, are a great mix of progressive house with strains of acid and a little harder stuff thrown in. Quality tunes.
  • DJ Maytag has added some downloadable sets to the music section of the forum. Great progressive tunes with tons of energy, a little acid, and some great downtempo riffs. High quality mixing. Check out the music section of the forum for links to download the full sets.
  • We've added two outstanding house mixes from local DJ Kenny Perez. You can catch Kenny spinning at Fly Bar if you want to see the mixmaster live and up close. The sets are a good fusion of modern house with some pumping strains and great vocal riffs. The beat is strong and melody will get you into the groove. As always, just scroll down to the Downloadable DJ Sets section to aquire your very own copy...
  • DJ eRok has been kind enough to mix and submit a great set exclusively for clubmilwaukee. The set is progressive in every sense of the word blending house sounds, progressive tracks, and shaded with some truly sublime hard trance sounding melodies that will enchant and carry you away. Hear it live on the clubmilwaukee.com local DJ stream, or download your very own copy below. You can catch DJ eRok spinning Friday night cozi hour @ Three
  • DJ Jonn Hawley is up to it again. We've gotten our hands on a copy of the FlyBar CD that he just released and it is some really amazing cuts of hard house with progressive backbeats and acidy undertones. We're processing it currently and will have it available on the Local DJ Stream and then for download. You can catch DJ Hawley as resident @ Tangerine
  • The selections on the Local DJ Stream have been updated with several new sets. The newest Jonn Hawley tracks are represented with the addition of the FlyBar Volume 6 CD, which is a great mix of house and downtempo progressive. For the trance lovers in the audience, Milwaukee native DJ Grzey (pronounced "gray") has served up some top notch hard and numotion trance in Progressive Trance Vol. 1. Finally, local Three resident David Dominguez cuts it up with his terrific fusion set "Progressive Vol. 1" which is an engrossing medley of various house and harder trance tracks. In addition to the stream additions, all of these sets are available for download / burning.
  • Added two new downloadable DJ Sets from local DJ Brian Bzar. Brian spins and eclectic mix of house and downtempo grooves. The two mixes that have been added, Reflex #1 and Reflex #2 are very good representations of his housey type tunes. We have several more mixes waiting to be posted that reflex Brian's other styles. One of our favorite is the "Drinks on the Veranda" summertime breakbeat set. You can catch Brian spinning at Cush.
  • Three resident and Milwaukee DJ wunderkind David Dominguez has offered up two great new mixes for addition to our repository. The first is a solidly progressive house piece produced exclusively for clubmilwaukee.com. It's a great summertime set, with some backbeat riffs and downtempo sections but serving up enough energy to keep the party going. The second is a reprise of a set that aired on local WMSE on May 15th. Harder beats and some interludes that are classic Dominguez style - experimental while still retaining nods to it's house roots. Both are available for download as 192kbps mp3 files, and the clubmilwaukee exclusive mix has been added to the Milwaukee Local DJ Stream.
  • Crobar highlight and Rain resident DJ Wizzkidd has submitted a great house hop mix called "The Amsterdam Mix." It's a rather unique blend of some pounding house anthems with solid hip hop underpinnings. A cool combo that works very well together. Download your very own copy below. Also added is a great live set from Mantra Lounge by Terrace resident and local rising star Johnny Blue. Powerful deep dish house with lighter elements and some flowing breakbeat riffs to let you catch your breath. Available as a high quality mp3 download, or you can listen to it live on the Clubmilwaukee Local DJ Stream.
  • Added two mixes by Milwaukee local DJ Suspence. DJ Suspence has a strong track record in mixing and promotions in Chicago, and has been busy bringing his unique mix of vocal and progressive trance to the Milwaukee area. The mixes that we've added are both feel good, cut loose and groove sets. The first is an exclusive clubmilwaukee.com set and we've been referring to it around here as "The Anthem Mix" since it contains a lot of instantly recognizable trance melodies and vocal riffs. The Anthem Mix is available for download as a high quality mp3 file, and is also playing on the Local DJ Stream. The Second Mix submitted by DJ Suspence is also a clubmilwaukee.com exclusive, and is a full length pre-release copy of DJ Suspence's newest CD, to be released in mid-July. This mix is available only on the stream, and has not been posted for download. Stay tuned for CD release party details!
  • The Clubmilwaukee.com Local DJ Stream has been updated. We have split the stream into two separate streams to make listening easier and more enjoyable based on your personal music preferences. The Local DJ Stream now consists of a House/Progressive stream and a brand new Trance/Euro stream. You can tune in live to either stream simply by clicking the "Listen Now" links to the right. Keep those mixes coming, DJs, we've got plenty more disk space available!
  • Added a second mix, LIve @ The Lounge, by transplanted Milwaukee native and trance DJ uberfiend DJ Grzey (Z-E-Y, not E-Z-Y). Recorded live, the new mix offers a more organic edge and to the ebb and flow of a technically demanding set. With melodic riffs, and shot but powerful sections of breakbeat rythyms, this trance/progressive trance track is sure to be a favorite if you're a fan of the genre. Catch it in the "Downloadable DJ Sets" section below, and watch for it to appear soon on the Clubmilwaukee Local DJ Trance Stream
  • We've added a terrific Latin House Mix Set from versatile Milwaukee talent, DJ Suspence. The set builds from a gentle intro, inspiring visions of sandy beaches and lightly spiced Mojitos, through harder sections evocative of the flair and spice of Latin America, to a climactic explosion of rhythm and melody well suited to any hard dance club line up. The beats are strong and contemporary, and the sound, while hitting just as hard as a straight house or progressive set, is distinctly unique and full of flavor. Download your own high quality copy from our Downloadable DJ Sets section below.
  • Added two new downloadable DJ Sets from Milwaukee guru Mike Wenz. Featuring a unique blend of acid riffs underlying a solid hard house exterior, these mixes are sure to keep the beat hungry plenty satisfied. In great production style, the mixes do away with the standard build up and explode mentality and come at you full force right from the opening. A couple of great cross genre sets, they're a great way to become aquainted with acid, underground, and even some tribal, if you're new to the scene. Recorded live at The Rave and The Race Shed, they also highlight Wenz's great live mixing ability. Available as high quality mp3s, grab a copy today!
  • We've added a live set from Milwaukee's DJ Sir fice of audiotribe.net. Featuring a hard sound with more than hints at it's underground house roots, the set spins in healthy doeses of what can only be described as "sophisticated acid" for an effect that is surprisingly melodic while simultaneously intense. The set, which is available for download below, was originally aired on 91.7FM, WMSE on May 29th.
  • Two new sets coming at you this week. Both are strongly Housey, but come at the scene and genre from very different angles. The first is a live set from Milwaukee son, James Amato. Recorded at the old Dish nightclub, which is now bSide, nthe set gives a great representation of James' funk and groove inspired melodic house. Down low but filled with pumping energy, the set manages to still feel serene and conceptually unified. A sound that is distinctly James Amato.Our second addition this week is a no holds barred, all out, get down and dance Hard House mix from an up and coming DJ around town. So up and coming, in fact, that we're not posting his name. Spreading his wings and just starting to break into the music scene in Milwaukee, his work already bears a characteristic edginess and grit that is sure to leave you wanting more. A multi-track mix well suited to filling the "middle set" role on a crowded night at Three, we were impressed by this debut work.
  • First, the long awaited "Detailed Thinking" mix from Milwaukee superstar James Amato. A very signature set for Amato, showcasing his unique blend of progressive beats, driving rhythyms, and melodic interludes. Another set fully qualified for warm summer nights, it keeps the energy high while allowing the melodic flow to come through unencumbered by artificial attempts to up the beat.Second, we've added another set by up and coming Milwaukee spin jockey, Nephew, whose blend of house anthems and solid mixing style are already starting to noticed and turn some heads after only a brief time on the "mix circuit." His latest mix, titled simply "Breaks" is, as it's name suggests, evocative of breakbeat themes, without ever really crossing the line and leaving its solid house underpinnings. Download a copy today and hear the future for yourself.Third, a new DJ joins the clubmilwaukee lineup. DJ Aeon of Audiotribe. His first mix for clubmilwaukee is a full fledged studio mix from early April of this year. With limited availability, clubmilwaukee is proud to showcase DJ Aeon's down and dirty beats and uber clean mixing technique
  • Our first update of the week brings some new flavors to the clubmilwaukee.com mix collection. First, we're proud to bring you the first installment of the DJ Curtis sets. A funky, experimental journey in the evolving world of Disco House. Sections that are unmistakably big disco in origin melded seamlessly with the deep house beats and breaks we all know and love. It's a unique take on the continual house journey, and is a welcome addition to the archive. Next, a hard hitting, no holds barred breakbeat session from Rik Fade, one of the featured DJs at Three. A set typified by it's unifying rhythym rather than an overarching melodic theme, Evilution lives up to its name. Finally, to round out the offerings, we bring you a melodic composition by recent Milwaukee performer Janel Roland, whose set Shadows of Emotion is jazzy, breakbeat, housey, and even definatively progressive - all at the same time. It will grab you and keep you going for the full 65 minutes.
  • The latest update to our always expanding collection of full mix sets includes three new tracks for your enjoyment. First, the final into set from Milwaukee's newest favorite, Nephew. Rounding out his offerings, which previously included a breakbeat mix and a debut straight house set, Nephew hones his skills on a raw and hard hitting Progressive House set.Next, clubmilwaukee.com is pleased to welcome a new DJ to the lineup - Adam the Tree. Adam's sets are an amalgam of house sounds, funky riffs, and some trance-esque underpinnings, complemented well by accents of acidy tones and some effects that are just un-classifiable. His newest mix, titled simply Winter 04, is a shining example of his unique sound.From our large database of DJ Curtis tunes (this is a DJ with a huge library of self compiled mixes at his disposal), we've chosen to bring you a set titled Sub Fun this week, which is a self described set in the Funky House style. After listening, we won't argue. Heavy on the bass and alter rhythms, "funky" is the perfect classification. Curtis will take you up, down, and sideways, and his sets are a great way to stay up to date in the evolving house music genre.
  • Yes, it's true, Nephew has done it again. Clubmilwaukee is proud to bring you the latest and greatest from one of Milwaukee's up and coming. While we're having fun with Nephew's title for the mix: "Nephew's Love from the Down Under into the Up Over Progressive Mix," the set is no laughing matter. Deep and undoubtedly progressive, it features soulful melodic riffs, and expert coaxing from nearly breakbeat, to explosive energy, and then slowly lulls you back down again into the enveloping groove.Premiering this week on clubmilwaukee.com is a great set titled "The Muse Part 2" from legend Demetri Nocturnal. Funkified and electric, the hard underground flavor of the mix will keep you glued to the beat. Nocturnal is skilled at stretching the energy of the build up sections to almost unbelievable lengths, and this mix would make for a hard night at even the most dedicated underground club.
  • Straight from the Studio mixing boards to you, clubmilwaukee.com is proud to bring you the latest and greatest from Milwaukee DJ Duo Sir Fice and DJ Aeon (audiotribe.net). Hard and heavy, "Studio Mix 8.2004" is a fine example of the energy that can result from collaboration. Building through a series of low key riffs, the climax of this set will have your heart thumping four levels higher than normal. Back for another round, Milwaukee native and transplant, DJ Grzey has submitted another hard but melodic trance set for you to enjoy. Highlights include the riffy distortion that Grzey uses to great effect and a brief but uber catchy coldplay riff that's guaranteed to get your toes tapping.
  • In honor of his upcoming show in Milwaukee, we're featuring a mix by DJ superfriend James Zabiela (third party). Aired live on the BBC1 radio show "The Essential Mix," the set proves to be just that - showcasing Zabiela's skill on the decks and varied tastes in track selection. From dark and dirty to flightly and almost trance like, the set will take you through the highs and lows of modern dance music.Next up is the second installment of the Muse duopoloy from Demetri Nocturnal, which actually happens to be the first mix of the pair, and was played/released live at the blueshift mega-event in early August of 2004. With a slightly more tonal overtone than "The Muse Part 2" the first entry still manages to drive hard and reach deep. It's an interesting contrast, and we recommed grabbing both sets to get the full experience.Our third featured mix this week is from disk 6 of the DJ Curtis experience. Or rather, "EXPERIENCE." The range of styles that Curtis manages to incorporate into his sets is boggling. We've previously featured disco house, funky house, a bass heavy "sub fun" set and more from the soon to be wunderkind, and now bring you an installment of "Tech House" to get your toes tapping
  • Three great sets for you in our first update of the weekThe first mix this week is a long set from Deejayjames titled simply "Locals Only," and features the heart pumping styles and grooves you can catch every Saturday night at the party of the same name hosted at Three. James is a house DJ, no doubts, but there are some surprisingly light vocal selections stirred into the mix, which make for a great counter balance to the equally surprising vibe of tracks that have an almost "rapish breakbeat" quality to them. Along with "Progression" by DJ eRok, a mix set that we regard as anthemic in nature. We also are proud to feature an exclusive dual CD set from local empenadres Nate Bowen and James Amato. With a CD devoted to each mixmaster, the musical ideas that bind them together become readily apparent. Strong melodic driving tones, a subdued world beat undertone, and plenty of funky little riffs and details to keep you guessing, and smiling. If you grab one, grab both, it's worth it. Also, we've left up the mix from DJ superfriend James Zabiela (third party), in honor of his upcoming show @ Three. The mix aired live on the BBC1 radio show "The Essential Mix," the set proves to be just that - showcasing Zabiela's skill on the decks and varied tastes in track selection. From dark and dirty to flightly and almost trance like, the set will take you through the highs and lows of modern dance music.
  • Making his clubmilwaukee.com debut, DJ Orlow adds an industrial Drum and Bass flavor to our lineup with his Studio Mix 4.2.04. Featuring hard riffs, and the insane energy levels that typify the deep underground Industrial scene, Orlow balances the raw power with thoughtful, deep Drum and Bass overtones. The result is a powerhouse of cross genre audio amazement. .Back for more is former featured artist DJ Tone. Exclusively on clubmilwaukee.com, Tone follows up his popular and groove inducing Eurobeat Volume 4 with a retrospective entry in the series titled simply Eurobeat Volume 3. A showcase of true Eurobeat rhythms, Tone pounds out another in your face set that nicely showcases the evolution of his technical skills. And Last but in no way least, Nephew is back for more, turning out two new mixes in his now trademark style of melodic but deep progressive and experimental house. Always among our most popular mixes, Nephew's nack for track selection continues to woo an increasing fan base. Find out if you agree by downloading his newest additions, minimalistically titled 9.4.04 and 9.5.04
  • Marking his third appearance on clubmilwaukee.com, DJ Demetri Nocturnal debuts a live set from the Even Further event, which premiered at an event hosted by the Drop Bass Network. Stretching to just under an hour in length, the set showcases the fundamentals of Nocturnal's sound, while also demonstrating the evolution of both his skills on the decks and the scene in general since the mix's release a few years ago. A great retrospective, plan on listening to it in a single sitting to get the full effect of the ebb and flow of Demetri's mixing style.Premiering this week is the first set from the live radio show Audio Rehab, hosted by locals Deejayjames and David Dominguez. For two hours each Sunday afternoon, the sounds of Milwaukee's best, brightest, and most promising air live across the globe to listeners from every corner of the planet. With a thirty minute set from each Dominguez and James, plus an hour of hard hitting mixing from Nozmo, the total volume is 2 full hours of deep and progressive grooves.
  • Marking his debut on clubmilwaukee is Vial, who mixes it up in solid melodic, progressive house styles. Blending a myriad of tonal landscapes in his debut Fragile Minds, Vial stiches together an audio experience that is packed with energy and will surely leave you wanting more.In true big style retro flair, clubmilwaukee regular Demetri Nocturnal again hammers out a classic with his Rav'em and Bailey III feature, War of the Worlds. Full of deep rhythms and big electronic sound, tune in for a snapshot of deep house at the turn of the millenium.Also this week is the second set from the live radio show Audio Rehab, hosted by locals Deejayjames and David Dominguez. For two hours each Sunday afternoon, the sounds of Milwaukee's best, brightest, and most promising air live across the globe to listeners from every corner of the planet. This week's set features an hour of hard progressive beats from each David Dominguez and Deejayjames.
  • Marking his debut on clubmilwaukee is Tlax, who you may have been lucky enough to catch spinning at BSide during the recent Nigel Richards show. With a deep, bass heavy but progressively elemental sound, Tlax manages to have cross appeal to fans of various genres of electrionica.Making an appearance this week is clubmilwaukee's very own Nephew, a deck shy but talented mixer with an ear for track selection and an impressive knowledge base of all things house. Self depreciatingly titled, "Don't Download This Mix!" we'd recommend the oppositeThis week we bring you the October 31st and November 7th editions of audiorehab, with your host, local Deejayjames. This regular radio show features two hours each Sunday afternoon showcasing the sounds of Milwaukee's best, brightest, and most promising air live across the globe to listeners from every corner of the planet. Watch for an upcoming set by Three legend DJeRok, who's very first CD will be released in the upcoming months.
  • Clubmilwaukee adds a new DJ to the fold this week with the premiere of DJ Ben Silver. Silver, who together with Spencer Lokken and Bethany Briscoe comprises Orchard Lounge, brings a new sound to the clubmilwaukee lineup. Combining ulikely sources in novel ways, Silver brings a varied soundscape to bear in his debut mix, Ethereal World. Striking at the heart of the downtempo genre, Etheral World offers a taste of sensuality and sophistication bundled in a wrapper that fans of harder house and progressive sounds will find intimately appealing. Making another appearance this week is warehouse uberstar Mike Wenz, whose untitled 2004 mix gives a great sample of the beats and melodies of the continually evolving rave scene. With the days of candy kids and Limelight fading into the past, Wenz's latest mix offers a taste of the rave to come, melding strains of progressive, mature happy hardcore, and all out electro funk into a solid groove inspiring set. Catch Wenz in all his spinny goodness at the upcoming Regroup 2, sponsored by Trounce Records
  • A big update this week, featuring new music from Milwaukee super promoter and DJ James Amato, a solid debut set from Hac Le, and a progressive breakbeat set from Milwaukee's Mario Massa, aka DJ DJNR8.Starting things off is a downtempo set provided exclusively for clubmilwaukee courtesy of James Amato. Mixed and recorded live at Lela earlier this autumn, the mix highlights Amato's characteristic style and sound. Mellow, melodic riffs tempered with harder sections of house beats combine to form an experience that is instantly recognizable and distinctly Amato. The mix debuted during a local fashion event, and it's deeply soulful strains call to mind an evening of casul mingling, while remaining true to it's deeper house roots.Making his debut on clubmilwaukee is Mario Massa, aka DJ DJNR8, founding father and faithful ongoing patron of the Better Breakbeat Bureau. Titled In Breaks We Trust, the set is a shining example of this still evolving genre. Evoking the feel of many different genres - from deep trance through progressive house, with brief trips through underground and acid - this mix is a great addition to the afficianado's collection, and an amazing jumping off point for those new to the breakbeat genre. You'll hear some vocal riffs, some dark bass heavy sections, and some funkier strains that are unlike any other category of EDM. The mix starts strong, builds through several climaxes, and explodes within the last 15 minutes.Rounding out the selections this week is a stellar set from a DJ new to clubmilwaukee, but well known in the EDM scene - Hac Le. Hailing from what we'll call the southernmost suburbs of Milwaukee (!), and a partner in the venerable Playco group, Hac has strong roots in the club scene. Recently picked as the winner of Future Music's Next Big Thing DJ Contest, Hac performed alongside John Digweed and Desyn Masiello December 9th at The Church in Denver, CO. Available exclusively on clubmilwaukee.com, Hac's recent guest mix for eccentricbeats.com hits hard and fast, a la his opening set for Max Graham's Milwaukee show. A great example of deep progressive house for you to download and Enjoy.
  • A varied update this week, featuring the funky sounds of Milwaukee's own DJ NIpples and - in honor of his upcoming appearance at Three - two sets from downtempo superhero Thee-O. DJ Nipples has a clearly branded sound that simultaneously sounds familiar and unique. His set Live 2004 traverses a wide spectrum of sounds, ranging from the lush and intentionally restrained opening numbers - with their mellow vibe calling to mind the sound of Milwaukee's James Amato - through a mid section of beats that pick up the pace in a melodic, beat driven grouping that sometimes approaches 140bpm (with unmistakable homage to classic happy hardcore and rave roots), finishing with a grouping of tracks that are a notable representation of modern deep house. A powerful but not unaproachable set. Having spun side by side with Moby, BT, Aphex Twin, Rabit in the Moon, and the Chemical Brothers (and a long list more!), Thee-O is familiar with the feel and flow of a variety of music styles and progressions. As a preview to his upcoming show at Three, clubmilwaukee brings you two of his representative sets. Spinning an amalgam of self proclaimed "ambient house," Thee-O has a talent for track selection and composition that squeezes every drop of power and passion from his sets as a whole. The tracks are uniformly edgy, with a progressive but...well, ambient feel. Powerful enough to get you tapping along or out onto the dance floor, but emotive enough for private listening over an afternoon, these two sets are a shining example of Thee-O's skill both on the decks and in pure compositional exercise.