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Address: 2014 N Farwell
Phone: 291.0232
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The Scene:
The menu is authentic with a flair, the drinks cold and unique, and the atmosphere warm and inviting. Whether for dinner with friends or late night dancing to the Latin themed house grooves, Sol Fire is a spicy enclave that brings a taste of worldly flavor home to it's funky and progressive neighborhood.

The Drinks:
Do you know what a Mojito is? How about a Caipiranha? You don't get to play this game if you happen to hail from Cuba or Brazil. These are just two of the many authenic drinks brought to you by the talented crew at Solfire. The Caipiranha especially is a truly unique experience - it's made from sugar cane and is downright tasty. The often subtle and almost otherworldly flavors of the drinks poured here will take you away for the night to warmer regions where salsa drifts on the same warm breezes that stir the fronds of the palm trees which mark the edge of the beach. To be sure, the house stocks a respectable collection of top shelf spirits and mixers, but we've never found the occassion to make a "normal" order. We're partial to the Mojitos, which we actually didn't enjoy very much until about half way through our first one. At that point some magical and previously unused taste buds apparently woke up for the first time. The flavors are very subdued - while the drink is rum based, you'll only catch hints of it mingled with the cool minty midtones and slightly sweet aftertaste. You would be well served to experience each of the unique offerings. It may take several visits, but you're coming back anyway, right? If you're of the wine persuasion, the list is interesting and shows a good depth, drawing from classic favorites as well as featuring offerings from uncommon locales such as New Mexico, and even highlighting regional Argentinian selections.

The Music:
As the lounge hours approach, and the restaurant atmosphere of Sol Fire gives way to the saucy and energy filled nightlife crowd, the earthy sounds of Latin America become the showcase. Featuring offerings that are both thematically unified yet diverse in rhythm and spirit, Sol Fire offers some truly non-traditional flavors for you to dance to.

The people:
Sol Fire caters to everyone. You'll catch Latin Americans stopping in to enjoy authentic cuisine, funky east siders and Brady Streeters hanging out sipping Mojitos, and a diverse crowd stops by to partake in the Latin House and other dance/spirit music being spun various nights of the week. In general, this is a place to bring friends, not someplace to plan on meeting a lot of new people. That's not because the people are unfriendly (quite the contrary), but it's mood is very laid back and if you're looking for a "hype" type atmosphere, you should go someplace else. If, however, you'd like to enjoy some great drinks with friends, and take a turn or two on the dance floor to try out your REAL dance skills, Sol Fire has you taken care of.

The atmosphere:
Casual, cozy, subdued energy. The tasteful highlight pieces, such as the large Aztec-ish wood carving behind the main bar, and good mood lighting help to reinforce the authentic feel of the space. It feels...well, spicy. The bar is long for ample seating, and there are several seating areas on various mini-tiers throughout the open main area. Small tables and chairs are placed at various locations to allow good views of the improvised dance floor when people are out spinning their salsa moves. The atmosphere is fun because it combines the best points of the neighborhood pub, a small otherworldly cantina, and just the right dash of haute lounge flavor.

What to wear:
Our shortest section yet. Anything. The End. Thanks for reading.

When to go:
They're open every day, and any day of the week is a good choice if you're going to sample the kitchen offerings. For the best "clubby/lounge" atmosphere with dancing and music, Thursdays are your best best, as James Amato is in the house, spinning some great Latin House. They also serve breakfast fare, and are a great spot for lazy weekend mornings.


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